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Acoustic Open Mic Wednesday, January 28th at Country Tavern 704 Long Hill Rd., Guilford CT at 7:30.

Featured Act

I’m so pleased to announce that Ken Safety will be part of the featured act, the Sophisticatos, this month. Ken runs the weekly and very successful Thursday night open mic at CJ Sparrows in Cheshire, and he was the original inspiration for me for how an open mic ought to be run. He is welcoming and honoring to all musicians, he runs it just loose enough so you feel like you can relax into your groove, he’s there EVERY WEEK rain, snow or shine, and he’s got some serious guitar chops that he shares freely with any act that needs a guitar player.

Here’s what he says about his duo with Bill Blue:

THE SOPHISTICATOS: Ken Safety ( alto saxophone ) and Bill Blue ( guitar ). The duo started this past year with a fondness for jazz standards. Since it’s inception the group has been well accepted by it’s audiences. With both members sharing vocal chores and occasionally joined by drummer Chuck Peterson. The Sophisticatos, laughingly, find their song selections lend themselves to “romance and booze”. K-Safe and Billy Blue both have a mutual predilection for classic comedy and pepper their set freely admittedly corny one liners. “We can’t help it folks. Bear with us”. Enjoy, dance, laugh and sing along with The Sophisticatos..


Attention Drummers for Acoustic! I need a drummer for January. Who can do it? Buy you drinks! February – Mark Otterson, March – Rob Nolfo, April – Pete Magnotti

I need ideas for acoustic featured acts – preferably artists and bands that are outside of what we might normally hear on a regular night. Let me know who you want to hear, and I’ll try to get them!

As always, the tireless and most excellent Don Briggs of dB AUDIO will be providing sound for the evening.

Favorite Lyric of the Week:

“I’m too hot! (Hot damn)
Called a police and a fireman
I’m too hot! (Hot damn)
Make a dragon want to retire man”
-Mark Ronson
Hope to see a lot of you out there Wednesday night.