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This month’s Acoustic Open Mic has a lot going on! The Red Planet Duo, Pete Blossom and John Hurley are the featured act, and Super 9 Studios will be shooting Deb Alt’s promotional video of her performing “Each Moment We’re Alive.” Deb’s shoot will take place at 8:30, and The Red Planet will be on by 9:00. Read on for more info about each and scroll down all the way to the bottom for regular announcements.

This Month’s Featured Act: The Red Planet

I know Red Planet because I’m friends with Pete Blossom, and I’ve been out to see them several times at Shep’s in Guilford and at the Owl Shop in New Haven. Shep’s Tavern cracks me up because they reallyRed Planet has great guitar duos aren’t set up to have musicians there, but they jam in there anyway, and some of the best local music is found there. Now Red Planet plays every Tuesday at The Owl Shop, which is also a fun place to be if you don’t mind the smoke!!

Pete and John are a great duo, and I love their guitar duets! They’ve worked up several tasty solos as duets.


I’m not really sure how Pete and I finally met (Pete – were you at the party at Garry Segal’s all that time ago), but I think it was through Ed Bartlett when he put on Rock the Vets. Many of the local bands were supporting that concert, and my band and Moody Blossom were in the line up. I had been hearing about Moody Blossom for a long time and was curious about them. When I finally saw and heard Pete play that guitar… well… it was magical. We’ve played several gigs together since then, and he always brings it!

You are all in for a treat tomorrow, especially with John in tow on vocals (coming up from Bridgeport, mind you!). I’m twisting Pete’s arm to bring T-Bone Stone (keys) and Fred McKay (bass) with him. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if I was successful.

Pete describes their music as a Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead kind of thing, but I think they sound better than the Grateful Dead. :-)

I love their Facebook banner:

Red Planet on Tuesdays



Super 9 Studios Shoots Video for Deb Alt at the Country Tavern Acoustic Open Mic

Deb Alt

Deb Alt

My sister Hurricane, Irene Liebler and I are very grateful for the opportunity to shoot video of Deb Alt’s live performance tomorrow night at the Acoustic Open Mic. Deb is releasing a new song called “Each Moment We’re Alive,” and even went to Nashville to record it. It sounds awesome! We will be recording some footage tomorrow night to include in her music video, so be prepared to look alive, people!

Deb describes herself as a singer/songwriter: music for a cause and just because. You can visit her website (http://www.debrasong.com/) to learn more about her and the causes she supports and to hear some of her music.


Attention Drummers for Acoustic! March – Rob Nolfo, April – Pete Magnotti, May – Joe Pecoraro, June – Mark Otterson

I need ideas for acoustic featured acts – preferably artists and bands that are outside of what we might normally hear on a regular night. Let me know who you want to hear, and I’ll try to get them!

As always, the tireless and most excellent Don Briggs of dB AUDIO will be providing sound for the evening.

Favorite Lyric of the Week:
“Cause I heard Jesus, He drank wine
And I bet we’d get along just fine
He could calm a storm and heal the blind
And I bet He’d understand a heart like mine.”
-Miranda Lambert “Heart Like Mine” from Revolution

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