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Ted Ervin, Bass & Vocals

Ted ErvinTed’s musical walkabout landed him with The Sandy Connolly Band in early 2013, after having become a staple at Sandy’s very successful monthly Acoustic Open Mic nights at the Country Tavern in Guilford, CT.

His misspent youth attending Grateful Dead concerts and collecting tapes has rendered him incapable of playing the root and tonic on 1 and 3. In fact, no one in his other band, the longstanding yet seldom seen Cinnamon Sky, has ever heard Ted play on the 1 in its entire 23-year history.
He promises to try and hit the root on the 1 at least once an evening with The Sandy Connolly Band; door prizes consisting of sweaty hugs from Sam Bradford are available to anyone who successfully points out an instance.
Ted is a sought-after bass player on the Connecticut shoreline, having recently sat in with Blues On The Rocks, Take Two and Call Me In The Morning, and The Mojo Boys.
Ted is primarily self taught on the bass but he did play in the Fairfield University Jazz Band, directed by noted bassist Brian Torff. He also studied with Scott Spray, Johnny Winter’s long serving bass guitarist. Prior to picking up the bass Ted played alto and tenor saxophones in various groups throughout his adolescence.
Ted lives in Guilford with his wife Rebecca, his two children, and a schnauzer.